Friday, 7 June 2013

Looking for a deal

Here is a way you can look for a great deal on the internet, whether it is for off line shops and restaurants, family days out parks, adventure holidays, travel and accommodation.  For those romantic nights out with your loved one. 

This is an absolutely FREE application which you can use wherever you are in the world to find the greatest deals available.  Try and see what you think.  If you discover you would like to get involved with the business side of giving away FREE APP for this great product then please watch the videos and follow instructions.  Call me on Skype sue.page25 when you have completed the three stages and we can discuss with you all that you need to know.  Speaking with the top leaders of the industry to help you get started in a great business.  Giving away a FREE SHOPPING APP to all your friends and family and networks, to make their lives easier and more fun at reduced prices.  Is that not something worth celebrating.  Just check it out for yourself and get back to me.

We have an excellent team and training is really fun.

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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Deals for Cardiff and Glamorgan

Warwickshire: �129 for a two night B&B

18 for a 60 minute powerboat trip around the Solent at Seadogz

39.99 for a 50 litre Auto Sensor kitchen waste bin at Shopperheads

Glamorgan, South Wales: �59 for a one night stay for two with breakfast at Court Colman Manor

39 for a distance learning Diet and Nutrition Advisor Course at Hypnotherapy Centre of Excellence

99 for a Monza swivel recliner chair in brown with footstool from Grampian Furnishers

74 for a one night stay for two with breakfast, dinner

Paintballing for two - Horizon Paintball - Cardiff - kgbdeals

Horse riding trek and lesson - Grange Trekking - Cardiff - kgbdeals

39 for an Animation Master Online Course Package at Blue Mountain Training

Role Models

Role Models.

Over the years I have been given misleading information regarding woman’s role in society and family. Yet when I look at Proverbs 31 I see that this lady is a busy one, keeping her family happy and clothed and fed, not only that she buys a field and tends to it, works very hard indeed, not just in and around the family but also has her own business as well.

It makes me shudder sometimes when we just consider how we have been misled to believe that all women can do is stay at home and take care of the children – this is an excellent life yet also incorporating this you can work from home with your own online business too. These days it is so much easier to find good ideas yet I have one that can really make a difference not just to your own family but to your friends and your social media network friends too.

I have been learning a lot about marketing over the years and have struggled to find one that I could honestly say YES to. Many ideas of making money online are either just selling information about selling information or just selling their particular package which you first have to buy in order to reach the next level. With this business it is very different. You get a FREE shopping app which you can use for FREE, download For FREE and share with your friends for FREE. For me the fact that the more I discover about how to use this app to share the deals with my friends from different countries and different cities, looking at what is available in their areas the more I have grown to love it and long to share it with you.

So if you are like me looking to make an income working from home and have a large network of friends and family, social media like Facebook or Linked in or any other then why not take a look at what I have to offer and see what you can do.

Download the app for yourself and check out what is happening in your own town and take advantage of the savings yourself and share it with others. Simple, process is easy and I am always available to help you out too.

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Monday, 11 March 2013

Rental Properties Worldwide, LLC


Market your Portland Oregon Rental Home on Low cost / highly effective marketing.

Looking for somewhere to live, this is an excellent option to you buying your first home, makes it easier for you to find the right place.

I bought a place in Spain and yet having lived in it for nearly 2 years and finding that it is not exactly where I want to be nor is it offering me the space I need to move on in my life

So before you buy be wiser than I and rent first.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Hat Patterns made with the knook

   Urban Hats Made with the Knook

I always enjoy making hats for myself and my family so why not have a go.  It is a great way to make someone feel special too.

Ideas for the home.

Hot Pad & Pot Holder Knook ePattern

Looking for new ideas for bazaars and coffee mornings - bring and buy sales.  For stretching your budget further by using the materials available in your home.  This is an excellent way to use up the odd balls of wool which we all have stored away for something  - well this could be that something special.  Great way of making money too.  Turn the sill of knooking into a work at home opportunity, start small and then who know where you could be.

When you are in the kitchen it is great to have something that can be made exactly for the purpose, all matching with the table and potplant pot placements.  Why not check them out for yourself.  I think they are great.

Baby Blankets

Baby Blankets Made with the Knook  

  Got a new member of the family, grandmas really enjoy working to share their skills and encourage the younger mothers to make the most of their skills.  Why not learn to make some great blankets for your little one.

I really enjoyed knitting for my little girl.  I used to make some really practical and pretty clothes for her.  Even now when my daughter is now 36 I still do make her the odd sweater.

I encourage other young moms to really get to know this skill.